Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Walled wardrobes with sliding doors are recommended if you want to use as less space as possible and fit as many things as you can. Such wardrobe with sliding doors can be installed in the office, home.

At home used and produced cupboard is usually referred to as wardrobes with sliding doors , because the usually made sliding doors and one or two sides of the cabinet and the inner cabinet equipment (shelves, hangers, baskets, drawers and so on.), whose construction is install next to a wall or a niche.

Wardrobe with sliding doors can be used not only for clothes, but for storing other items too.

Most important principle of a wardrobe – The ability to see everything easily and easily reach everything. While designing, the wardrobe can have shelves for clothes, footwear, bedclothes or even a vacuum cleaner or iron, ironing board, ladders. It is also possible to install retractable shelves, drawers or baskets, which, when retracted, can help You reach items more easily, leave space for a washing machine, television, computer and the like.

You can view examples of of wardrobes with sliding doors at our photo gallery.

Below are walled wardrobes' with sliding doors design examples: