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Without doubt, sliding doors – relevant, convenient and cost effective.

Sliding doors give the room a beautiful harmony, connection with nature, especially when they are made of glass. The room may appear lighter, more spacious. Designers say, that the sliding doors give the room more space, even imaginary. They are right,, since no space is needed to open or close the wardrobe.

Just like hinged, sliding doors are made out of various materials. Probably the cheapest and easiest – from laminated wood-wool or mirror.

Woodern doors can be made of LMDP, with glass inserts. They certainly cost more than the mentioned above. On the other hand, Glass doors certainly provide elegance. If you want to give the house a distinctive image, these doors are made for just that.

Sliding glass doors can be made out of glass. Glass is mounted into a profile, made out of aluminium. Doors will be stylish and with good physical properties. Doors will cost more, if the glass is matte, unbreakable, decorated by hand. On the other hand, certain people choose exactly those. They can revive the whole house style. Of course, home style must comply with the doors. If everything is done with taste, the sliding glass doors will give the room a new look.

Steel and aluminium systems are used for the manufacture of sliding doors. Steel's advantage is the price, aluminium – quality. We use only aluminum profile sliding systems.

Sliding doors consist of a profile systems, which are made of vertical and horizontal profiles, rails, wheels (door mechanisms ), and door filling. The doors slide with wheels in the rails. According to the quality of the wheels You can judge the quality of the system (the rule expensive – better – does apply here). From that depends, whether the door will slide easily, without noise, or it will squeak and require much force. Our company uses high quality sleeve-bearing sliding systems for sliding mechanisms.